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Samsung Bans Use of ChatGPT after Employees Misuse Chatbot

Samsung advised staff to use caution and not to enter any private or business-related information into the AI chatbots.

After learning that AI services were being misused, Samsung has put restrictions on how its employees can utilize so-called generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

The South Korean technology behemoth revealed to CNBC on Tuesday that it is temporarily limiting the usage of generative AI on its internal systems.

After instances of technological misuse, one of Samsung’s largest divisions’ employees received a note at the end of April informing them of the change. According to a Tuesday Bloomberg report, some employees uploaded sensitive code to ChatGPT.

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Samsung doesn’t have a generative AI product at the moment. Google’s Bard, created by American startup OpenAI and funded by Microsoft, is another generative AI solution. 

Companies may be reluctant to enter sensitive company data into these foreign-owned platforms if they are worried about information leaks.

Samsung recommended employees to exercise caution and refrain from entering any private or business-related information into the services when using ChatGPT and other products outside of the office. In a company-wide survey conducted by Samsung last month, 65% of participants said they were worried about security risks while using generative AI technologies.

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