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Quris raised $9M in seed funding from SoftBank

Quris, an Israeli pharmaceutical AI company, announced that it had secured an additional $9M in seed funding on Tuesday. The seed funding round was led by SoftBank Vision fund 2, along with private and institutional investors like GlenRock Capital, iAngles, Richter Group, and Welltech Ventures. With the seed funding, Quris can advance its Bio-AI platform, grow its team, encourage industry collaboration, and speed up its drug research.

Yossi Cohen, Director of Israel Operations for SoftBank Investment Advisers, stated that SoftBank believes in the early forecasting capabilities that Quris is developing and showing its impact on the global pharmaceutical industry. By utilizing the power of AI, Dr. Bentwich, the founder and CEO of Quris technology and his team will save the enormous cost of drugs failing in clinical trials.

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Quris is the first startup to develop an AI-enabled ‘patient-on-a-chip’ system, an alternative to human clinical trials and animal testing in drug development. As per Quris, its platform can revolutionize drug development by simulating clinical trials instead of testing new drugs on animals or humans.

Dr Bentwich mentioned that his company has much to gain from the SoftBank partnership. SoftBank’s ecosystem consists of a cluster of companies leading in the field of AI for pharma. As an investment partner, SoftBank has given companies a unique perspective on AI to produce significant unicorns.

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