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Ophthalmic Sciences reveals World’s first AI device to measure Eye Fluid

IOPerfect will help tackle the glaucoma epidemic and save thousands of patients from turning build at a global level.

Ophthalmic Sciences reveals the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered contactless device to measure eye fluid pressure. The newly unveiled device named IOPerfect accurately measures the intraocular pressure of eye fluid in humans. 

Currently, the standard procedure to measure intraocular pressure involves various tests like dilation, applying air pressure, and many more. The innovative product developed by Ophthalmic Sciences will turn out to be a revolutionary device in its field. 

The AI-powered system uses a VR headset-like device to remotely monitor and diagnose glaucoma, which is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. The device will allow patients to check their IOP in the comfort of their homes, reducing the hassle of traveling to clinics every time. It is a concise diagnosis process that generates an accurate AI-based image processing analysis of vascular pressure response.

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CEO of Ophthalmic Sciences, Ariel Weinstein, said, “Growing exposure to phone and computer screens appears to be linked to increased glaucoma prevalence. Along with an ageing population, the risk keeps getting higher, increasing the need for early diagnosis. But most importantly, the past year has proven the value of tele-diagnosis and this fact has attracted significant attention from clinicians and investors in our venture.” 

He further added that they are extremely thrilled about the fact that their device would prevent thousands of glaucoma patients from turning blind. The solution will help clinics, and healthcare practitioners save a lot of time consumed in lengthy diagnosis procedures and also increase their revenue. 

Israel-based Ophthalmic Science was founded by Gabriel Dan and Noam Hadas in 2019. The startup specializes in developing artificial intelligence-powered image processing solutions for eyecare. According to company officials, the newly unveiled IOPerfect device will be available for sale in the United States and Europe by 2023.

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