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Opera Unveils AI Side Panel ‘Aria’ Powered by ChatGPT

Users will have free access to generative AI services with Aria.

Opera, a provider of web browser, has introduced “Aria,” a new AI side panel in its browser that is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Users will have free access to generative AI services with Aria.

“Aria is both a web and a browser expert that allows you to collaborate with AI while looking for information on the web, generating text or code, or getting your product queries answered,” Opera wrote in a blog on Wednesday.

Testing of the new feature is currently available. The business added that Aria is built on its “Composer” infrastructure, connects to OpenAI’s GPT technology, and is augmented by new features like the integration of real-time web results.

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Aria, according to Opera, is a free service with up-to-date information that is connected to the internet and not constrained to content published before 2021, making it a more sophisticated option than GPT-based standard solutions. Aria will be available in over 180 countries, including the EU.

The AI-based service is expected to be more increasingly integrated into Opera in upcoming browser releases, the company stated, with the ultimate goal of being completely integrated to support cross-browser tasks.

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