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OpenAI’s Sam Altman Participates in Fireside AI Talk at IIIT-Delhi

Sam Altman spoke on generative AI, ChatGPT, AI in India, and other subjects during his talk.

The CEO and founder of OpenAl and the person behind the well-known AI chatbot ChatGPT came to India yesterday as part of a six-nation trip. He took part in a unique fireside talk at India’s Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-Delhi). He spoke on generative AI, ChatGPT, AI in India, and other subjects during his talk. 

During the talk, Altman was asked what OpenAl thinks about how legislation might affect the advancement of Al given how quickly technology is developing. He replied, “I don’t want to pause, according to Altman. Working with these newest models has greatly contributed to making these vehicles safer.”

“Working with regulators and conducting external audits will be beneficial. A framework for regulation must be created. The most vocal advocates for regulation are all developers. We want to find a way to make Al safe since we are aware of the risks,” he continued.

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Although the expansion of Al during the past few years has been beneficial for the majority, it has also raised challenging questions concerning its socioeconomic effects. Whether Al would ultimately take up the occupations currently performed by humans was the question posed to Altman. In reference to this, Altman declared, “Al is going to 100x human productivity. Al cannot match the human capacity for inventiveness.”

Some Al models have been accused of fabricating information and presenting it as fact, which is a problem known as “Al hallucination.” The interviewer asked, “Does OpenAl thus have a strategy in place to stop this?” It will take us roughly a year to perfect the model, according to Altman. “We are attempting to reduce the issue by striking a balance between originality and accuracy.”

Altman remarked in reference to security measures surrounding Al that there is no one solution to make Al safe. He said, “To design safe Al, we enhance the algorithm, perform audits, work on maintaining parameters, and more.” Regarding the possibility of an OpenAl office in India, Sam Altman responded, “First, we will invest in companies in India. Their caliber is excellent. We intend to develop technology that is centered on mobile and the internet.

The CEO of OpenAI was also questioned about whether he had ever deviated from his own advice. In response, he said, “I feel so bad about the startup advice I give that I might delete my entire blog. With OpenAl, we chose a unique course. Fortunately, it worked out for us, but we wouldn’t recommend it to others, he continued.”

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