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NVIDIA DRIVE Orin Powers Intelligent Robo-01 Concept Vehicle by JIDU

The EV startup JIDU announced NVIDIA DRIVE Orin for its intelligent Robo-01 concept vehicle during the ROBODAY event. The EV company is backed by Baidu, a tech giant, whose metaverse platform showcased the ROBODAY presentation for Robo-01. 

The robocar would feature cutting-edge AI capabilities inspired by robots and powered by the high-performance NVIDIA platform. JIDU provided a glimpse of the sleep SUV and the upcoming lineup. 

The cars would be capable of level 4 autonomous driving, driverless parking, and safe & sound operation at highway speeds. Robo-01 also features lidar sensors that can retract and extend from the hood. Besides, it will come with a retractable steering wheel that retracts under the dashboard when you switch to autonomous driving. 

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The concept vehicle would have the ability to enhance by appending new intelligent features throughout its life. NVIDIA DRIVE Orin will come into the picture when these updates are delivered over the air. This is why JIDU has debuted with a software-defined vehicle architecture built on the AI compute. Robo-01 comes with two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin systems-on-a-chip (SoC). These chips will provide ample computing for autonomous driving. 

The two DRIVE Orin SoCs will aid in achieving redundancy and variation necessary for in-cabin AI technology. The lineup will be jam-packed with features and the scope to add even more. JIDU has already planned to launch a limited-production version of the concept later in the year.

The automaker plans to unveil the design for the same at Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2022.

It plans to start taking orders for Robo-01 in 2023 while the deliveries are scheduled for 2024.

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