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NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Introduces Free Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute that offers free hands-on training in artificial intelligence, has released a new Data Science Teaching Kit. The idea behind NVIDIA accelerated data science teaching kit is to help learners gain access to high performance computing, exceptional libraries, and other machine learning techniques. 

The accelerated data science teaching kit is packed with resources for fundamentals and advanced topics in data collection and processing accelerated data science with RAPIDS, GPU-accelerated machine learning, data visualization, data ethics and bias in datasets, data visualization, and more.

The NVIDIA accelerated data science teaching kit is devised in collaboration with two experts — Polo Cahu and Xishung Dong — of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Prairie View A&M University. The teaching kit has lecture slides, notes, quizzes, and other hands-on labs. And according to NVIDIA, in the future, videos will be released for the modules to allow an omnichannel learning experience.

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Over time, NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute has released teaching kits that come with free GPU with AWS credits for educators and their students, self-paced courses and certificate opportunities, live instructor-led workshops, and more. With the release of the accelerated data science teaching kit, Deep Learning Institute has not released a total of 4 teaching kits for educators and their learners.

Currently, teaching kit is available in categories like Accelerated Computing, Data Science, Deep Learning, and Robotics. By gaining access to these teaching kits for free, learners can obtain knowledge of applying machine learning techniques and build end-to-end projects with ease. However, the toolkit is only available for qualified educations. You will have to apply to get access to the free toolkit. A wide range of people, including students, professors, and researchers, can join in by applying for the permission of Deep Learning Institute teaching kit.

Click here to apply for the NVIDIA teaching kit and learn the latest technologies for free.

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