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Meta helps universities to get their own virtual reality campuses, invests $150 million

The company will be opening 10 virtual campuses as part of its Immersive Learning project, which seeks to take education to virtual reality environments.

Meta is helping universities get their virtual reality campuses online. The company will open ten virtual campuses as part of its Immersive Learning project. The project aims to take education to virtual reality environments. In partnership with an Iowa-based virtual reality education startup, Victoryxr, Meta will invest $150 million in this initiative.

Meta is executing this idea by helping ten universities to launch their metaverse-based campuses. One of them is an online university, the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). More than 45,000 students will now meet in the metaverse online to convene and share their experiences.

The university will offer five courses through the metaverse campus as part of this plan. These courses will come at no additional cost compared to non-immersive courses. The university, however, is limited by the number of headsets required for the courses it can loan students.

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Other universities will also be part of this project, including New Mexico State University, South Dakota State University, the University of Kansas School of Nursing, Southwestern Oregon Community College, California State University, Florida A&M University, West Virginia University, Dominguez Hills, and Alabama A&M University.

Meta is donating its Meta Quest headsets to these institutions for students. One of the main objectives of Meta’s Immersive Learning project is to increase students’ access to these technologies by partnering with universities and organizations. 

Part of Meta’s $150 million investment is to deliver headsets in partnership with Victoryxr, the company that is designing the metaverse campuses. Meta has also helped universities pay for the design and construction of these spaces, which can cost $50k for a five to seven-building campus. 

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