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Kerala Man Loses ₹40,000 to AI-based Deepfake Scam 

Police have also issued a warning against the use of deep fakes powered by AI in online fraud.

A man from Kerala was defrauded with ₹40,000 in a newly reported incident of a scam using artificial intelligence-based deepfaking. Radhakrishnan, the victim and a Kozhikode resident, reportedly received a video call from an unknown number. 

When he answered the call, he recognised one of his former coworkers from Andhra Pradesh in the video caller’s appearance. The caller even offered the names of a few of those they knew in an effort to win his trust.

The victim continued the video call since she believed it to be a legitimate call. A few minutes into the call, though, the caller asked the victim for ₹40,000 in order to provide immediate support for a relative who was hospitalized. 

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The victim agreed to assist since he wanted to aid his friend and sent the money online. A short while later, the same guy requested ₹35,000, nevertheless. The victim, however, developed suspicion this time. He then got in touch with his old friend to double-check. He knew at that point that the call had been a scam and was not genuine. The fraud was then reported to the police by the victim.

The police launched an inquiry after receiving the complaint, and they were able to trace the transaction to a private bank in Maharashtra. Later, the account was frozen by the bank authorities. 

The Kerala Police Cyber Cell claims that this is the first instance of cheating in Kerala where scammers have faked films using artificial intelligence. The scammers use images from social media to make bogus videos. They can use social media to find other information, such as names of friends in common.

Police have also issued a warning against the use of deep fakes powered by AI in online fraud. People have been advised to confirm the legitimacy of such inquiries. In order to prevent fraud, the police have also requested that citizens immediately report any instances of cheating to them by calling the helpline number 1930.

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