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Interior AI: New AI Image Generator that Lets You Redesign Interior

Interior AI is a new image generator that lets users redesign interiors and generate new designs and functions. A 2D image of an interior location, whether it be a picture downloaded from the internet or a user-taken photo, is used as input by the application. Then, it can alter this image to match one of the 16 pre-selected designs, which range from Minimalist, Art Nouveau, or Biophilic to Baroque or Cyberpunk. 

Users can also choose a different function for the kitchen, living room, outside patio, or even the fitness center, creating a new interior design. Assisting people in discovering fresh concepts and motivation for enhancing their houses might be considered an improvement over previous platforms and technologies.

A number of other applications, such as the Ikea Kreativ, employ augmented reality. Interior AI displays how an object would appear in space using 3D photos that are superimposed using smartphone cameras.

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The experts working in the same disciplines, like architects and interior designers, are somewhat apprehensive about these technological advancements. Other experts view these developments as improving tools designers can employ to advance their workflows and broaden their sources of inspiration. 

Finding fresh, original ideas is only one of an interior designer’s or an architect’s key responsibilities; they must also comprehend the restrictions and potential of the space they are working for. It entails selecting the optimal option that satisfies a challenging range of subjective and objective requirements.

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Disha Chopra
Disha Chopra
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