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Indian DJ launches first ever meditation metaverse in India 

The platform has immersive visuals and mindful movements that makes the user have spiritual and meditative experience.

Advait Danke, an Indian DJ, spiritual catalyst, and sound alchemist, has officially launched the ‘Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse,’ called the first sound meditation metaverse to be launched in India. 

The newly-launched metaverse is easy to navigate and user-friendly. It can be accessed through mobiles, laptops, and desktops on the Spatial App. To provide a hassle-free user experience, the metaverse developers have ensured that there is no login issue and no subscription fee is charged, thus providing free access to everyone. 

The platform has immersive visuals and mindful movements that give the user a spiritual and meditative experience. Further, this experience can be enhanced by incorporating VR headsets. The metaverse was co-developed with the team at Wow Labz, Xarvel, and Metawood.

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Since its launch, the platform by Advait Danke has been appreciated by people for its unique, engaging features and for bringing forth the concept of how the science of sound, music, meditation, and consciousness combined impacts human body-mind energies. 

Advait also integrated blockchain technology into the metaverse through “The Sounds of Universe,” an enduring audio NFT collection based on the science of brainwave technology. The audio NFTs induce mindful musical patterns and vibrations to impact an individual’s mental and emotional state positively. 

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