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Indian AI Interviewing platform BarRaiser secures $4.2 million funding

BarRaiser will use the raised funds to expand its market reach and scale its engineering and data science teams for meeting the rising demand for its platform.

Indian AI-powered recruitment and interviewing platform providing startup BarRaiser secures $4.2 million in its recently held seed funding round led by 021 Capital and Global Founders Capital. Several other angel investors also participated in the funding round. 

According to the company, it plans to use the freshly raised funds to expand its market reach and scale its engineering and data science teams to meet the rising demand for its SaaS and Interview community products. 

Bengaluru-based startup BarRaiser was founded in 2020 with the goal of helping organizations hire exceptional talent faster while conducting structured and fair interviews. 

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To make the interviewing process smarter and more effective, BarRaiser employs an innovative interviewing platform, data-driven analytics, and the assistance of hundreds of experts from various parts of the world. 

Founder of 021 Capital, Sailesh Tulshan, said, “BarRaiser is creating an awesome candidate experience with their transparent and structured interview process. Companies can now hire at a significantly faster pace without putting pressure on internal teams.” 

He further added that this has also aided their rapid growth, with top brands gaining access to BarRaiser’s rockstar team of interviewers. 

The company’s high-end platform allows its clients to schedule candidate interviews at any hour, utilizing a global community of more than 800 recognized experts from leading companies. 

BarRaise’s platform comes with multiple features such as interview templates, auto-scheduling features, video interviews, debriefs, and AI-powered analytics that allows companies to conduct quick, fair, transparent, and efficient interviews. Interested individuals can visit the official website of BarRaiser to book a demo of the platform. 

“We are working with 250+ leading tech companies and are seeing continuously growing demand across the globe. This financing round will help us expand our reach and make additional investments in technology that helps close the gap between talent and opportunity,” said CEO of BarRaiser, Avinash Saxena.

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