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India-US partner to compete against China in military equipment, semiconductors, and AI

The new initiative also includes a joint effort on space and high-performance quantum computing.

The US is launching a partnership with India that will help the countries compete against China in military equipment, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence (AI). The new initiative will also include a joint effort on high-performance quantum computing and space.

Biden wants to deploy more Western mobile phone networks to the subcontinent to compete with China’s Huawei Technologies, to welcome more computer chip specialists from India to the US, and to encourage companies from both countries to collaborate on military equipment such as artillery systems.

Yet the US is facing an uphill battle on each front, including visas for immigrant workers, US restrictions on military technology transfer, and India’s long-standing dependence on Moscow for military hardware. The US seeks to address these issues now. 

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Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, and Ajit Doval, his Indian counterpart, met with senior officials from both countries at the White House to launch the India-US Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies.

“This is another big foundational piece of an overall strategy to put the entire democratic world in the Indo-Pacific in a position of strength. It’s a strategic bet by the two leaders on the idea that creating a deeper ecosystem between India and the United States will serve our strategic, economic, and technological interests,” said Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.

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