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IIT Kanpur Offers Free 8-Weeks Computational Science Course, Enrollments Ends 15th Feb

IIT Kanpur has opened up the enrollment for an eight-week online course on computational science on the SWAYAM platform. An AvHumboldt Fellow with over 50 publications in his name, Dr. Ashoke De, a Professor in the Aerospace Engineering department, will teach the course.

The course is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Aerospace, Mechanical, Chemical, and Civil Engineering. However, a basic knowledge of mathematics and programming has been set as prerequisites. 

After taking this course, the learner will be able to leverage computation to solve various problems common to both pure and applied sciences. Learners can develop new methodologies and tools for carrying out numerical simulations, which is a significant part of the scientific computing paradigm. This course offers a basic overview of all these aspects that is easy to digest for beginners and faculties.

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When it comes to modeling natural phenomenons, knowledge of Linear Algebra, ODEs, and PDEs are a must. From the layout of the course, it is evident that the focus is on linear algebra for the first two weeks and Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) for the next two. Then, Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) are addressed in the fifth week.

On top of it, the course sharpens skills like mathematical modeling and numerical analysis. Therefore, the sixth-week module contains numerical analysis components focused on implementing eigenvalue problems and ODE solutions in the coming weeks. The course provides necessary insights into efficient algorithms, computer architecture, software design, implementation, validation, and results visualization.

This computational science course will be offered for free; hence, you can finish the whole course without paying a penny to the IIT. You have to pay a mere 1000 rupees for the exam to be conducted on 24th April for optional certification. You can join the course here before the enrollment deadline of 15th February.

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Pradyumna Sahoo
Pradyumna Sahoo
Pradyumna Sahoo is a data science practitioner who likes to write about AI/ML research. Email: pradyumna.sahoo@analyticsdrift.com


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