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Helbiz Partners with Drover AI to bring Artificial Intelligence to Scooter Sharing

PathPilot uses computer vision technology that has multiple cameras to determine the surroundings of a vehicle and provides various safety features like automatic deceleration to ensure safe rides.

Micro-mobility firm Helbiz partners with artificial intelligence-powered IoT developing company Drover AI to bring artificial intelligence to scooter sharing. With this partnership, both the companies plan to integrate Drover AI’s PathPilot safety technology with Helbiz manufactured e-scooters. 

Initially, the product will launch in Milan, Italy, by the end of 2021. However, the market is expected to expand with new partnerships in the near future. Drove AI has used computer vision technology that uses multiple cameras to determine the surroundings of vehicles, including sidewalks, bike lane riding, and also identifies appropriate parking areas. 

PathPilot also provided various security features like automatic deceleration that reduces the speed of the scooter when it gets too close to an object. PathPilot gathers data from each ride and then analyzes them with artificial intelligence to provide improved performance during future rides. 

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The head of partnership and policies at Helbiz, Vivian Myrtetus, said, “The integration of Drover’s PathPilot technology will help us better enforce local regulations and create a safer experience for riders and pedestrians alike. We are thrilled to partner with Drover as we continue our expansion efforts.” 

He further added that the company is dedicatedly working towards providing safe and efficient micro-mobility services in the cities they are currently operating. Los Angeles-based Drover AI was founded by Alex Nesic, Christian Scheder, Jamie Ahmed, and Max Scheder in 2020. Soon after its establishment, the company received its seed funding from 500 Startups. 

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Drove AI, Alex Nesic, said, “Micro-mobility has such tremendous potential as urban transportation in Europe as evidenced by recent announcements, and Drover is proud to be able to use our technology to address the biggest concerns currently limiting the broader acceptance and growth of the sector.” 

He also mentioned that Drove AI is excited to work alongside Helbiz to grow the shared mobility market safely and reliably.

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