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Haptik launches AI Agent Assist to provide better Customer Experience

AI Agent Assist helps customer service executives to solve customer queries quickly and provide a personalized experience to customers.

One of the world’s largest conversational AI developing firms and a subsidiary of Reliance Jio, Haptik launches its new artificial intelligence-powered Agent Assist for improving agent performance and providing an enhanced customer experience. 

The AI tool provides critical information to agents that help them solve customer issues seamlessly. AI Agent Assist enables customer service executives to quickly reply to queries and provide a personalized experience to their customers. 

The platform eliminates the need for agents to access multiple channels to retrieve information by displaying all the necessary data in a single screen; This drastically reduces the time consumed in query resolutions that enable agents to increase their productivity. 

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The Director of Product Management at Haptik, Vikram Kamath, said, “AI Agent Assist brings the best of both worlds by offering recommendations to agents which aren’t user-facing, unless the agent approves, making AI Agent Assist the most low-risk path to leverage AI and make contact centers more efficient and productive.” 

He further mentioned that artificial intelligence is becoming a key differentiator that companies are looking forward to investing in. The tool provides real-time text suggestions with sentence-level completion for agents to help them tackle customer queries tactfully and quickly. 

AI Agent Assist comes with an easy-to-use interface that reduces the training time of new agents that allows companies to focus more on operations. Haptik also provides numerous out-of-the-box integration options with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, Freshworks, and Zendesk. 

Mumbai-based conversational AI company Haptik was founded by Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev in the year 2013. To date, the firm has raised total funding of $12.2 million over two rounds. Haptik has a massive customer base that includes industry-leading companies like Oyo, Coca Cola, Tata Group, KFC, Club Mahindra, Zurich Insurance, HP, Ola, and many more. 

“By choosing AI Agent Assist, businesses can create ‘Powerful Agents’ equipped with more knowledge and a higher capacity to handle multiple conversations, with the same accuracy, speed, and precision,” said Kamath.

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