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Google Cloud Is Offering Free Training On AI, Big Data, & More

Google Cloud is offering free training on in-demand skills like AI, Analytics, Kubernetes, and more through its Qwiklabs. On 9 December, Google Cloud extended the offer of no-cost training and allowed users to register by 31 December 2020 to avail of the offer.

Google Cloud has been helping people navigate through the difficult times due to the pandemic by allowing learning to get started with the technologies. Since the lockdown, cloud providers have witnessed a steep rise in the adoption of cloud computing.

Looking at the recent trends, in 2021 organizations would require professionals who are not only proficient in the latest technologies like machine learning, analytics, and more but also familiar with levering such technologies on the cloud to develop products. For any developers, cloud computing skills has moved from nice-to-have to must-have skill as remote working has become the new normal.

To enable learners to master the skills of the future, Google Cloud is offering free access to its Qwiklabs for 30 days. You will have to copy the offer code and then click on enroll to begin. However, you should follow the instruction that mandates the completion of 30 minutes tour of Qwiklabs and Google Cloud to get 30-day training. If you only signup on Qwiklabs and do not finish the tour, you will not get access to the free training.

Every lesson will come with a lab that will give you free access to the Google Cloud Platform to learn for free. Although there are timers to end the session to avoid endless computing, you can start the session again to continue to learn and complete the courses. You will also get badges on completing the courses to showcase your knowledge.

Learn from a wide range of courses like Big Data, Machine Learning, Infrastructure & DevOps, Website & App Development, and more and upskill to stay relevant in 2021 and beyond.

Register for free training from Google Cloud here.

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Ratan Kumar
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