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Getty Images sues Stable Diffusion over copyright violation 

Stable Diffusion allegedly copied and processed millions of images protected by copyright to train its software.

Getty Images is suing the creator of the popular AI art tool Stable Diffusion, Stability AI, over an alleged copyright violation. 

In a press statement, the stock photo company claimed that Stability AI copied and processed millions of images unlawfully, which were protected by copyright, to train its software. 

The statement also said that Getty Images had commenced legal proceedings against the Stability AI firm in the High Court of Justice, London.

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Getty Images CEO Craig Peters said that the company has already issued Stability AI with a letter before action, which is a formal notification of impending litigation in the UK. The company has not said whether legal proceedings would take place in the US, as well. 

Peters said, “The company made no outreach to Getty Images to utilise our or our contributors’ material, so we are taking action to protect our and our contributors’ intellectual property rights.”

A press representative from Stability AI, Angela Pontarolo, said that the Stability AI team did not receive information about the lawsuit and therefore declined to comment.

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