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Fractal Acquires Zerogons For Its Drag Drop Enterprise AI Platform.

Fractal continues absorbing new players in the market to build its conglomerate. The recent acquisition, Zerogons, for an undisclosed amount seems to be Fractal’s entry into the highly coveted Cloud industry. This acquisition aims to strengthen Fractal’s Cloud AI business and accelerate the ‘data to decisions’ process for its Fortune 500® clients.

Fractal is one of the most prominent players in the global AI ecosystem with products like that assist radiologists in making better diagnostic decisions, helps CXOs make better tactical and strategic decisions, to improve investment decisions, and to find anomalies in high-velocity data.

Although Zerogons Software was a new entrant, it managed to gain a foothold in the market. Thanks to its AI platform Streamflux, users can create workflows using a drag and drop interface (Studio), thereby simplifying the whole ML pipeline from data curation to managing multiple machine learning models at scale. This self-service enterprise AI solution allows anyone to create valuable business solutions using machine learning algorithms without in-depth knowledge. The platform enables the entire lifecycle from raw data to actionable business insights real quick. 

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Pranay Agrawal, the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fractal, said, “Sandeep and Divya [co-founders] have built a world-class AI/ML engineering platform, and the team at Zerogons. Cloud is the home of AI, and we are excited to partner with Zerogons to operationalize AI for our clients through cloud and engineering.” The Chief Operating Officer of Fractal, Ajoy Singh, said, “We are delighted to welcome the capable team at Zerogons to Fractal. This acquisition strengthens our Cloud Engineering and AI offerings and helps us deliver high velocity and value in our continuing journey to power every human decision in the  enterprise.”

Sandeep Mehta and Divya Rakesh were found saying, “We are happy to become a part of one of the leading AI companies in the world. Fractal shares our vision of building the most innovative AI & ML solutions for the industry. With enterprises increasingly demanding cloud-based AI solutions to solve both their immediate and long-term growth objectives, we are well placed as a combined entity to accelerate our clients’ digital journey. We are excited to join a market leader in the AI space. We see tremendous synergies in our joint vision for AI, and together we will help our clients in realizing their short-term and long-term digital transformation objectives”.

All these seem to be an excellent opportunity for both companies to learn and grow together. The integration of Zerogons AI platform with other products shall significantly create new tides in the market, upping the ante against their competition.

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Pradyumna Sahoo
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