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Elon Musk Launches AI Startup xAI To Take On OpenAI

Muskan who is the CEO of Tesla and owner of Twitter will be the CEO of xAI.

On Wednesday, the wealthy entrepreneur Elon Musk presented his long-rumored artificial intelligence venture, xAI. In his quest to develop a ChatGPT rival, he also introduced a group of engineers from the same important American technology companies he wants to compete against.

The venture will be led by Musk, who is currently the CEO of the electric vehicle maker Tesla, the CEO of the rocket launch company SpaceX, and the owner of Twitter. In the past, Musk has said that the advancement of AI should be halted and that industrial regulation is necessary. 

Musk has frequently expressed his worries about the potential “civilizational destruction” that AI could cause. Musk described his strategy for creating a safer AI during a Twitter Spaces event on Wednesday night. Instead of consciously incorporating morality into its AI, xAI would aim to develop a “maximally curious” AI, he claimed.

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The xAI team is made up of Tony Wu, a former Google employee, Igor Babuschkin, a former engineer at Google’s DeepMind, Christian Szegedy, a former Google research scientist, and Greg Yang, a former Microsoft employee.

Musk registered X.AI Corp as a Nevada-based corporation, in March, according to a state filing. Musk is mentioned as the sole director of the business, while Jared Birchall, who is the managing director of the family office, is named as the secretary.

Dan Hendrycks, who oversees the Centre for AI Safety and focuses on the risks associated with AI, will offer advice to the xAI team. xAI claims to be employing qualified researchers and engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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