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Does AI have potential to transform the Indian Education System?

Artificial intelligence is making long strides in the academic world, turning traditional teaching methods into a comprehensive system of learning using augmented reality tools and simulation.

The face of the education system in India has drastically changed in recent years, mainly because of the grueling years of the pandemic. The present-day education system is challenging, competitive, and demanding in terms of meeting international benchmarks. 

To meet today’s educational standards, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are making long strides in the academic world, turning traditional teaching methods into a comprehensive learning system with the use of augmented reality tools and simulation. However, considering the unique challenges, the Indian education system faces, how well can AI help transform it?

How can AI help in enhancing the Indian Education System? 

Artificial intelligence can automate administrative work, allowing teachers plenty of time to engage with students and assist them through academic challenges efficiently. AI can also help with school admission work by automating the processing of paperwork and categorization. AI also helps grade test papers by assessing objective and subjective answer sheets.

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AI automation can make quality education accessible to a larger population, both urban and rural, in the form of smart content. Educators can customize study materials according to the needs of the students in different areas with the help of AI applications. Besides, the learning material can be shared in diverse formats, including virtual forms such as lectures and video conferences. 

With AI, educators can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student and work on them accordingly. AI can empower teachers to track students’ progress and respond to the interdisciplinary customized curriculum to understand what interests them the most. Besides, AI can also identify and streamline the career choices of students. 

Moreover, incorporating artificial intelligence into the education system can help make it more inclusive. The easy access to the internet has brought the school into every home. Even if students fail to secure admission to a school or cannot afford it, they can continue studying without interruption with the help of smart devices. 

Scope of AI in the Indian Education System

The role of teachers in any education system is irreplaceable. While AI cannot replace the need of teachers in India, it can definitely aid and improve their job. Considering the state of most of the schools in rural areas of India, the education system can most certainly use a boost from AI.

AI has the dynamic potential to enhance online education in India, which is expected to reach US$1.96 billion by the end of 2022. According to Business Today, 47% of learning management tools will be AI-enabled by 2024. Also, artificial intelligence in education is anticipated to reach a compound annual growth rate of 40.3% between 2019-25.

Many EdTech companies, such as the Indian startup SpeEdLabs, have already started developing and deploying AI-enabled intelligent instruction platforms to various schools in India to provide learning, testing, and tutoring to students.


The lack of access to new technology is a serious issue in India, and its deployment will be a lengthy process. India is home to thousands of villages, some of which still do not have proper access to electricity, let alone education and technology to enhance it. Therefore, the cost of deployment of AI can be massive. 

Besides, training teachers and educators from across India can be time-consuming and will require stringent plans that must be properly executed for AI to thrive in India. Moreover, the security risk is a concern. Protecting the personal information of children, instructors, and parents can be an issue. Cyber-attacks are a serious problem in online learning which can limit AI implementation on a large scale.


AI is perfectly poised to reinvent and redesign the education sector in India. If implemented strategically, the combination of expertise of teachers and the best of artificial intelligence has the potential to shape the future of education and the whole concept of learning in India. Besides, the fact that students will be exposed to AI technology at an early stage will spark innovation and curiosity in their young minds.

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