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Discover the 10 Most Reliable Data Centers in India

The Data Center Industry size to double by the end of 2024- to reach 1,318 MW.

What do you think about the potential growth of the data center industry?

Due to the exponential growth in the use of digital payments, BFSI services have been pushing the demand for data centers. The volume of digital payments increased sevenfold, from 10 billion in FY 2016–17 to 72 billion transactions in FY 2021–22, representing a 49% CAGR, according to RBI annual reports. Post-pandemic growth has been more robust, with FY 2021–22 volumes increasing by 64% over the prior year.

India has emerged as a significant player in the global data center market, with many businesses seeking reliable and secure data storage and management solutions. As a result, India has seen a surge in data centers to meet this demand over the past decade. 

This blog post will look at India’s top 10 most reliable data centers.

  1. Netmagic Solutions

A major provider of managed hosting and multi-cloud hybrid technology solutions, Netmagic, a fully-owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, has nine carrier-neutral, cutting-edge hyper-scale, and high-density data centers. Almost 2,000 businesses are served globally.

The Mumbai-based company Netmagic also offers Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services to numerous business clients worldwide, including NTT Communications clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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  1. CtrlS

CtrlS is an ANSI/ITA-942 certified Grade 4 Datacenter and Managed Services provider with its headquarters in India. One million square feet of data center space are managed by CtrlS across seven cutting-edge locations, including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida, and Bangalore. According to CtrlS, it serves 60 of the Fortune 500 international corporations.

The project to increase CtrlS’s footprint by 5 million square feet has begun. It has purchased a property for constructing a 1 million square foot facility in Chennai, a 2 million square foot facility in Hyderabad, and a 2 million square foot hyper-scale data center park in Navi Mumbai.

  1. Web Werks

For the past 20 years, Web Werks Data Centers has been among the top providers in India, with locations across 3 nations and more than 6 geographically distributed data centers. With 24-hour assistance and a 99.995% uptime guarantee, they provide dependable hosting services on dedicated servers, the cloud, colocation, virtualization, and disaster recovery.

The first Asian data center to host an OIX-1 IXP Mumbai-IX and hold OIX-2 is Web Werks in India. They also meet the criteria for becoming a full supporter of OpenIX. 

  1. NxtGen

By utilizing its hyper-converged infrastructure, NxtGen allows its customers to create their digital businesses without investing in and managing complicated IT infrastructure. NxtGen, an up-and-coming company headquartered in Singapore, offers fully managed data center and cloud services throughout Singapore and India. To enable its clients to use the most recent hybrid-computing model, NxtGen deploys and provides IT infrastructure services using a combination of on-premise resources and its facilities, Infinite Datacenter.


In 2023, the global data center market will generate $342.10 billion, up from $321.37 billion in 2022.

  1. Tata Communications

A New World of Communications is a major global service offered by Tata Communications Ltd and its subsidiaries (Tata Communications). To provide managed solutions to multinational corporations and communications service providers, Tata Communications makes use of its sophisticated solutions capabilities and domain experience across its worldwide network.

In emerging countries, Tata Communications is a pioneer in both international phone communications and Indian enterprise data services.

  1. Adani Data Center

The Adani group will establish a data center and business park in Visakhapatnam in partnership with US-based EdgeConneX. In seven years, the Indian multinational company would build data centers all around India through this cooperation, called AdaniConneX. The group wants to use renewable energy to run these hyper-scale and hyper-local data centers. It was revealed in December 2020 that a new setup would begin in Chennai with a massive expenditure of $340 million.

  1. Nxtra

To manage Bharti’s Data Center Managed Services business, Nxtra Data Ltd was established.

Nxtra currently oversees 10 data centers in Manesar, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, and Pune that are Tier III and above and ISO 27001 certified. Managed colocation hosting, managed services, managed security, managed backup & storage, virtual computing, and cloud are just a few of the data center managed services Nxtra provides, along with domestic and international network access.

  1. Reliance Data Center

One of India’s leading data center providers, Reliance Data Center, offers an outsourced infrastructure for businesses with critical IT operations. It is a part of Reliance Communications, a Reliance Industries Limited firm that offers mobile networks. Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore are home to 9 of Reliance Data Center’s data centers. The data centers were constructed using well-known industry-leading IT systems and facility platforms. The business offers networking, apps, security, dependability, scalability, and consultancy services. In addition to providing a wide range of services, Reliance Data Center boasts the most significant network security level and more than 6,50,000 square feet of hosting space.

  1. Sify Technology

In India, Sify is a top provider of integrated ICT solutions and services. Using a shared telecom data network architecture that reaches more than 1550 cities and towns in India, it provides a wide range of products and solutions. Currently, 45 data centers in India are connected via Sify’s telecom network, including 6 Sify data centers that may be maintained simultaneously throughout Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

It has grown to include the United States, with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. More than 8500 businesses use it.

  1. ESDS Software Solution

For more than 19 years, ESDS Software Solution, a major provider of data centers in India, has offered organizations dependable and effective data management solutions. The business runs cutting-edge data centers in Nashik, Mumbai, and Bangalore and provides managed services, cloud hosting, colocation, IT security services, including SOC, to more than 400 BFSI, 200 government agencies, 150 SAP-using enterprises, and 50 e-commerce clients. With an SLA of 99.995% uptime, the company’s cloud hosting services are dependable and trustworthy.

The data centers at ESDS Software Solution are built to the greatest security, availability, and performance standards. One of the biggest and most energy-efficient data centers in the world, the company’s flagship facility in Nashik provides unsurpassed uptime and reliability. Its data center is completely earthquake-proof and pollution-free.


In conclusion, India is home to several excellent data centers that offer top-notch services to businesses and organizations across various industries. These data centers have the latest technology, robust infrastructure, and reliable connectivity to ensure uninterrupted access to critical data and applications. From tier-1 facilities to carrier-neutral colocation centers, India’s data center landscape offers much for businesses of all sizes and requirements. By choosing one of India’s top 10 most reliable data centers, businesses can enjoy the benefits of high-quality services, 24×7 support, and advanced security features. With the rapid growth of the digital economy, the demand for data center services in India is expected to increase in the coming years, making it an exciting time for the data center industry in the country.

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