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Bring Your Picture To Life With Deep Nostalgia

MyHeritage, a website that analyzes your picture to find your relatives and create family trees, has released Deep Nostalgi that animates the faces of people. If you want to look at your ancestors in a real video, Deep Nostalgi can covert the still image you provide a deceptive video.

Founded by Gill Perry, Sella Blondheim, and Eliran Kuta, the D-ID platform is the driving force behind Deep Nostalgia. Powered by deep learning, the creates high-quality images from old images into video footage. 

“This feature is intended for nostalgic use, that is, to bring beloved ancestors back to life. Our driver videos don’t include speech in order to prevent abuse of this, such as the creation of “deep fake” videos of living people,” according to the company. However, the company has earlier used its technology to create a video of Abraham Lincon, added audio, and published it on Youtube.

Although default actions are assigned based on the image of a person, one can also choose from multiple options to look at different gestures like blink, smile, and more. For now, a few animations are free, but you will have to subscribe to get unlimited animations of images. 

Released in February, MyHeritage immediately gained traction as millions of images were uploaded on the very first day. People started sharing their nostalgia across the internet, and soon it became popular all over the world. 

The technology, however, has can potentially be misused for cyberbullying, but there are no signs of exploitation. Other issues include privacy flaws but the company has stated that they do not share your images with any third party and have no rights to the animated video. 

In the future, MyHeritage is committed to further enhance the capabilities of Deep Nostalgia to animate multiple faces in a single photo.

Animate your images here.

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Ratan Kumar
Ratan Kumar
Ratan is a tech content writer who amasses inspiration from science fiction, cartoons, and psychology. Apart from writing, you can find him playing mobile games and depicting humans.


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