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Benefits of Oracle Cloud HCM

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Oracle Cloud human capital management software.

Oracle is well-known for its cloud products and services. There are many organizations worldwide that use Oracle applications. Oracle HCM is one such tool that is used to manage the overall process from employee hiring to retirement. This tool can be easily accessed in on-premise and cloud environments. 

Though the fact cannot be denied that there are quarterly updates released by Oracle for the addition of new features and enhancements for the users. For instance, Oracle’s 22D quarterly update has already been released and it corresponds to financial SCM and HCM modules. For the effective implementation of these updates, a robust testing strategy is required. Oracle Cloud testing tools are used for carrying out the testing.

Understanding the Oracle HCM Software

Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) software is a holistic suite of technologies that support businesses in managing employees from hiring to recruitment.

There are various ranges of HR functions offered by HCM software, such as payroll, recruitment, and talent management. The HCM software manages the employee data in the database and it can be run and accessed either in the on-premise or cloud environment.

What Businesses Achieve Through Oracle HCM

Through Oracle HCM, business can accomplish the following things:

Workforce Planning

The planning and management of software can be done excellently through Oracle HCM software. For example, the senior manager can easily model the business strategy and needs of the workforce through this software. Oracle Cloud testing tools can be used to verify and validate the software as per the input.

Execution and Skill Management

As there are so many employees in an organization, the evaluation of their performance becomes a tedious and time-consuming task for the team and line managers. Apart from this, the feedback process and setting up of future objectives may have to suffer if done manually. This is why the automation in HCM software helps to store the feedback. Moreover, the performance evaluation can be easily done through the performance management system module of HCM.

Better Policy Implementation

There are various policies and compliance associated with the organization’s workflow. However, their implementation may suffer due to a lack of proper resources and transparency. For example, if a new employee has joined an organization then the proper analysis of policies and other workflows can be provided through Oracle HCM software. The data can be analyzed well and salary can be tracked easily. One can easily check the compensation spent, sliced in multiple ways. Furthermore, business analysts of particular organizations can use this data to build the future compensation strategy.

Development and Learning Task

The learning and development strategy can also be implemented through this software. The different types of information related to different courses or training certificates can be stored. Furthermore, it can also assist with certification to the people outside of the organization.

What Benefits Businesses Can Avail from the Automation Testing of Oracle

Oracle HCM is quite a beneficial software. As there are so many functionalities and related updates associated with it, automation testing becomes critical. Oracle Cloud testing tools are used to streamline the testing process. Below given are the benefits of automated Oracle HCM:-

Consumes Less Time

Due to automation, test scripts can be generated speedily and executed parallelly as well that too with little human assistance. Less amount of time is required for bug and error fixation. Moreover, automated testing also streamlines continuous and shift-left testing that enables the testing team to find bugs or errors in the early development phase.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automation permits testing around the clock without human intervention. The process of testing gets streamlined within the Oracle Cloud software, due to which the focus can be put on essential activities. The use of automated Oracle Cloud testing tools reduces the chances of human error and hence delivers more reliable results in comparison to manual testing.

Risk Management

Through automation testing, security vulnerabilities can be easily identified, hence making it easier to address before the arrival of the problem. The organization can quickly test its critical business application with automation testing. Moreover, the frequency of testing speed and quality can also be increased.

Compliance Maintenance

Automated tests can be run regularly, which helps ensure whether the system is operating correctly or is aligned with the given input and set standards. The automated Oracle Cloud testing tools enable the HCM software validation through the configuration of set security standards.

Improved Productivity

Through automation testing, the amount of time gets reduced to a large extent. The employees need not invest much of their time in executing the same test script. Businesses that embrace the technique of automation get a high retention rate of employees because automation minimizes the frequency of doing the same task again and again.

Final Thoughts

HCM is one of the well-known and widely used software of Oracle. It helps streamline the overall workflow of the organization, which comprises employees. Though there are some challenges also associated with it but with the right strategy, it can easily be overcome.

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