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Baidu to Launch ChatGPT Rival in March this year

Baidu is looking into contesting OpenAI’s dominance.

Baidu is launching an AI chatbot similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This could be China’s biggest entry in the AI race.

According to the insider, who requested anonymity to discuss confidential information, the largest search engine business in China intends to launch the ChatGPT-style software in March, first integrating it into its primary search services. Users of the unnamed tool will be able to receive search results that are conversational in nature, similar to the well-liked OpenAI platform.

In contrast to ChatGPT, which excels at more professional activities like programming and essay writing, chatbots in China are currently used for social interactions. The insider reported that Baidu intends to include results created by chatbots rather than just links when users make search requests.

Beijing-based Baidu has been investing heavily in AI technology, such as cloud services, semiconductors, and self-driving cars. This is part of their plan to diversify their revenue. At a developer conference last month, Baidu unveiled three artificial intelligence  “creators” with the ability to work as screenwriters, illustrators, editors, or animators.

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During an internal meeting in December, according to a transcript seen by Bloomberg News, Baidu Chief Executive Officer Robin Li cited ChatGPT as an instance of where the tech giant might take the lead in AI. 

He expressed his enthusiasm about the technology’s ability to capture people’s attention and acknowledged the challenge of commercializing generative AI to make it a “must-have” product.

Like internet users everywhere else, ChatGPT has piqued the interest of Chinese internet users, who like others posted screenshots of their fascinating AI conversations on social media. This is despite China’s heavily censored internet and local equivalents to Google, Amazon, and Facebook, such as Baidu, that have thrived behind the walled-off model.

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