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Baidu Instigates XiRang MetaStack, an Underlying Tech for Metaverse

The technology stack will enable metaverse creation within just 40 days to get more people on board with the technology.

Baidu is launching MetaStack, a technological stack for its metaverse constructing platform XiRang. With this technological stack, the company plans to build infrastructure enabling developers to create metaverse projects independently, within just 40 days. 

The announcement was made by Baidu’s WeChat account, anticipating to release of the XiRang MetaStack on January 10 during its annual developers’ conference. Baidu is targeting mainstream technology companies as primary clients and said, “The metaverse will not only become a new marketing front but also open up the imagination for new consumption and production.” 

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Generally, metaverse projects are very time-consuming and require a lot of complex technology, labor, and resources. Through its XiRang MetaStack infrastructure, comprising the metaverse client kernel, cross-network transmission service, metaverse world service engine, and operation platform, Baidu wants to make the process easier. 

XiRang was launched on January 5 to facilitate metaverse projects. The metaverse platform soon launched a comprehensive suite of Web3 AI tools to enhance brand marketing of metaverse projects developed on XiRang. With MetaStack, Baidu wants to go beyond brand marketing and accelerate metaverse creation altogether.

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