Thursday, February 25, 2021

Pradyumna Sahoo

Pradyumna Sahoo
Pradyumna Sahoo is a data science practitioner who likes to write about AI/ML research. Email:

CLIP From OpenAI Recognizes Images From Their Captions

OpenAI’s Contrastive Language–Image Pre-training (CLIP) learns image representation from associated natural language. The intuition is to learn how to recognize a wide variety of...

Computer Vision Has A New DeIT By Facebook

Facebook AI introduces DeIT (Data-efficient Image Transformer), a Transformer-based approach to train computer vision models. Over the years, Transformer has led to several breakthroughs in NLP,...

OpenMined, In Collaboration With PyTorch, Introduces A Free Course Of “The Privacy AI Series”

OpenMined has released a course to train next-generation machine learning enthusiasts and practitioners to process sensitive data without breaching privacy. OpenMined is well known...

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