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Amazon Introduces ‘Alexa Custom Assistant,’ Giving Advanced Capabilities To Developers


Amazon debuts’ Alexa Custom Assistant’ to allow companies to build custom assistants. Fiat becomes the first company to leverage the new solution in vehicles. Over the years, building virtual assistants have been a resource-intensive task for organizations as they had to build new skills from the ground up. However, with Alexa Custom Assistant, companies can develop specific skills while using already present Amazon’s existing advanced technologies for Alexa.

Since Alexa Custom Assistant works on top of advanced Alexa technologies — Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), companies will quickly develop and bring products to the market. Organizations now make assistants that can have unique wake word, voice, skills, and capabilities, providing personalized user experience.

Our customers expect to easily connect with their digital lifestyles wherever they go and today we responded with plans to offer new intelligent experiences built on Alexa’s world-class voice AI technology,” said Mark Stewart, Chief Operating Officer, FCA – North America. “We look forward to the expanding partnership with Amazon and the integration of Alexa Custom Assistant within our powerful Uconnect system as we continue on our path to put customer needs and expectations at the center of everything we do.”

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What makes Alexa Custom Assistant even more powerful is that Alexa and brand-specific virtual assistants will work hand in hand to deliver a superior customer experience. Both Alexa and bespoke virtual assistants will work simultaneously, improving the skills of virtual assistants. Based on users’ queries, the request will be channeled to either Alexa or brands’ virtual assistants. Such advancement can rapidly increase virtual assistants’ adoption to simplify the way we do our day-to-day tasks.

Alexa Custom Assistants is available at places where Alexa is supported, like U.S, Canada, India, U.K, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and more, but you will have to join the interest list.

Ratan Kumar
Ratan Kumar
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