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AirAsia India to use CAE Rise AI training system to train pilots

AirAsia India is the first airline in India to adopt a data-driven training program using CAE Rise.

CAE Inc. and AirAsia India have collaborated to integrate the CAE Rise AI Training System into the airline’s simulator training program to train pilots. AirAsia India is the very first airline in India to use a data-driven training program using CAE Rise.

CAE Rise enchance analytics to deliver a higher quality of training by providing real-time data during training sessions and giving instructors insights that enable them to assess a pilot’s technical competencies and performance objectively. AirAsia and CAE have been working together since 2014 on pilot training at CAE network training centers as long-time collaborators. 

Manish Uppal, Head of Operations, AirAsia India, said that this collaboration incorporates CAE’s distinct features, which enable a robust data-driven training program for our pilots. He added that AirAsia India continues to be at the forefront of integrating technology and ensuring that safety is crucial in every aspect of their training and operations.

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Arun Nair, Chief Pilot Training & Standard, AirAsia India, said that CAE Rise would be a vital tool in gathering data to support a smooth EBT implementation and practice, with the Indian regulator DGCA planning to make Evidence-Based Training (EBT) implementation mandatory.

the CAE Rise training system, launched in 2018, is a technological innovation that allows the translation of simulator training data into important insights for training managers and instructors. This new training system compares independent sources in order to increase confidence in grading data quality. 

In addition to monitoring SOP compliance, CAE Rise augments capability of each instructor to identify pilot proficiency gaps and transform training programs to the most advanced aviation safety standards, including ATQP, AQP, and EBT methodologies.

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