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“AI Factories” the New Vision Plan of Nvidia and Foxconn

The AI factories could continuously process and analyze data from cars.

Foxconn and Nvidia collaborate to establish “AI Factories,” also known as “advanced data centers.” These AI factories will underpin the progress of self-driving vehicles, autonomous machinery, and other pioneering technologies. 

The partnership between the two electronic giants was announced at Foxconn’s annual tech showcase in Taipei. Nvidia CEO Jansen Huang noted the emergence of a new manufacturing paradigm, one focused on creating “intelligence,” with AI factories being the data center responsible for this production. 

Huang further mentioned that Foxconn possesses the requisite expertise and global scalability to construct such facilities. Nvidia’s role will be to provide the factories with their AI chips and software containing vast amounts of data. 

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These AI factories will depend on Nvidia’s GPU computing infrastructure, which is purpose-built for processing, refining, and transforming data into AI models and information. 

According to Huang, the AI factories could continuously receive and analyze vehicle data, consequently updating and enhancing their software and the entire AI fleet. 

This is not the first time Nvidia and Foxconn have come together; back in January, Nvidia announced its partnership with Foxconn to build automated EVs. 

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