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A Photo-editing AI startup, ImagenAI, Raises $30m in an All-Equity Growth Investment

ImagenAI, a startup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for photo-editing and automating media production processes, raises US$30m in an all-equity growth investment from Summit Partners. The investment will further the startup’s Saas (software-as-a-service) offering.

ImagenAI, not to be confused with Google’s Imagen, was founded by Yotam Gil, Ron Oren, and Yoav Chai in 2020. The idea rose from stealth after Chai’s wedding, wherein he had to wait months to get the wedding pictures and videos. After speaking with photographers, the founders identified a significant industry issue: post-production is “tedious and time-consuming.”

Imagen is available as a cloud plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic and an independent app designed to learn the photographer’s style from their previous work. It uses machine learning (ML) to capture the editing process and make predictions of editing parameters within half a second at US$0.05 per photo. 

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Gil said, “Imagen profiles evolve and learn with the user over time, allowing better accuracy and consistency in applying each photographer’s style to new photos ingested into Imagen.” He added that the service would benefit photographers who edit at scale.

ImagenAI also provides pre-trained profiles based on industry experts. These profiles, called Talent AI Profiles, have pre-determined editing styles so that users can directly optimize their clicks without setting up editing parameters.

ImagenAI is making over US$10m in year-wise recurring revenue and will be profitable in the near future as the company plans to innovate using the all-equity investment for services like automatically picking the best set of pictures from a shoot and a lot more.

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