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4,000 Workers Lost Employment in May Due to AI, Says Report 

Approximately 4 lakh people lost their jobs in the course of time between January and May.

Around 4,000 workers lost their employment in May of this year as a result of artificial intelligence, according to a report that was originally credited to a monthly report by Challenger, Grey, and Christmas. 

A total of 80,000 workers lost their employment last month, according to the data. 3,900 of these positions were eliminated due to artificial intelligence. Economic conditions, cost-cutting initiatives, organizational restructuring within the business, or mergers and acquisitions may be the causes of additional job layoffs.

The study also included information on all layoffs from 2023 until the present. Approximately 4 lakh people lost their jobs between January and May. Additionally, a representative from Challenger, Grey, and Christmas said that this was the first instance in which employment losses were linked to AI. The representative also stated that the tech industry accounted for all of the layoffs. 

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Another survey by in February of this year found that some US-based businesses have begun using ChatGPT in place of human employees. The poll included 1,000 business leaders, and over half of the US organizations indicated they were using ChatGPT and that the chatbot had replaced employees at their businesses.

Business leaders were ‘impressed’ by the work of the popular chatbot, according to a statement released at the time by Resumebuilder. According to the business, most corporate leaders are impressed with ChatGPT’s work in general. According to 55% of respondents, ChatGPT’s work is of exceptional quality, while 34% feel it is very good.

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