Uncovering the Google I/O Connect Bengaluru, 2023


Image source: Google for developers

Google announced the availability and access to its new Large Language Models PalM 2 for Indian developers

Image source: Google

In collaboration with IISc, Google launched Project Vaani to digitalize Indian languages using AI

Image source: Google

The Vani project aims to collect anonymous speech data from people across 773 districts in India.

Image source: IAS Gyan

Google also launched a startup credits program for ONDC under which businesses will get a $25,000-grant

Image source: Analytics Drift

Several open-sourced AI-powered tools and datasets will be available for Indian developers, including Vertex AI, PaLM API, MakerSuite

Image source: Google

Google unveiled the Address Descriptor feature in Maps that can find addresses just by sharing the nearest landmarks!

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