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The Box Approach of Software Testing

There are various software testing methods, and traditionally the box approach is divided into three types, white-box, black-box, and gray-box testing.

1. White-box Testing

White-box testing is inspecting every line of code before the tests even start. It verifies the internal structures or working of a program.

2. Black-box Testing

In Black-box testing, testers in software engineering analyze the requirements of the software and send it back to the development level for error rectification.

3. Grey-box Testing

Grey-box testing is a type of testing in software engineering that tests the software or application with partial knowledge of the internal structure of the software.

List of Types of Software Testing

Here are the main levels of software testing after functional and non-functional software testing:

1. Unit Testing

Unit testing is the first level of functional testing in software testing, performed on an individual unit or component to test for correction.

2. Integration Testing

This testing is the second level of functional testing that focuses on the defect of an interface, communication, and data flow between modules.

3. System Testing

System testing is the third level of functional testing in which the test cases are operated while the test environment and production environment are parallel.

4. Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a type of testing in software engineering where the client or business tests the software with real-time business scenarios.

5. Security Testing

Security testing is intended to reveal defects in the security mechanism of an information system protecting the data and maintaining functionality.

6. Performance Testing

Performance testing tests a software’s stability and response time by applying load in the software.

7. Usability Testing

Usability testing, in software engineering, works from the users’ point of view to check the user-friendliness of the software application.

8. Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing validates how software applications behave and run in various environments, web servers, hardware, and network environments.



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