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Scraper API


Web scraping is a complex procedure, but Scraper API, one of the best web scrapers, simplifies it by handling proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. Scraper API has built multiple web scrapers and repeatedly went through setting procedures to build use-specific web scrapers. There are many web scrapers based on the data one needs to extract.

Smartproxy SERP Scraping API


Web scraping the Google Search results pages can be tedious as Google does not allow it. Moreover, scraping at a rate higher than eight keyword requests/hour risks your detection, and more than ten keyword requests will result in blocking. An excellent solution to this is offered by the SERP scraping API, the best web scraping tool from Smartproxy. Web scraper, data parser, and a sizable proxy network are all combined in the API.



The previous generation of scraping tools was based on codes and hours of coding. To make web scraping tools more precise and save coding time, no-code development platforms like ParseHub have come into the picture. With this web scraping tool, users can create their data extraction workflows without programming knowledge.

Web Scraping using Beautiful Soup


Beautiful Soup is a Python library that extracts data from HTML, XML, and other similar formats. Simply, it helps users to pull specific content from a webpage by removing the HTML markup and saving information. The library can be used to isolate titles, links, and texts from  HTML tags and alter HTML within the document.



Octoparse is a cloud-based web data extraction tool that helps scrap data from various websites. Users can use it to scrape product comments, reviews, social media channels, and other unstructured data and save it in different formats, including HTML, Excel, and plain text. Octoparse is capable of running multiple extraction tasks simultaneously

Helium Scraper


Helium Scraper is a web scraper that focuses on the kind of data to be extracted and not on how to extract it. It offers software for web scraping using multiple off-screen Chromium browsers, presents a simple interface, and integrates web scraping and API calling into a single project.



Apify is an automation, data extraction, and web scraping platform. With Apify, users can create an API with an integrated data center and residential proxies for extraction. For web pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps, Apify Store offers ready-made scraping solutions.

Zenscrape API


Despite numerous online scraping solutions, Zenscrape is one of the most reliable data scrapers. With Zenscrape, users can extract data from any website having anti-scraping measures by its IP rotation, CAPTCHA solving, and other features. Zenscape provides a user-friendly interface, JavaScript rendering and supports many front-end frameworks like JQuery, Vue, and React.



Import.io is an e-commerce platform that helps enterprises create more innovative analytics and offers web scraping assistance. It leverages a no-cost and convenient data scraping service, even for websites that employ JavaScript and display results over numerous pages.

Sequentum Content Grabber


Sequentum Content Grabber is yet another low-code web data extraction tool that automates the extraction process by adapting to recurrent data, code, and environment changes. The scraper tool is aimed at enterprises that wish to reduce their coding labor and time by creating stand-alone web crawling agents.



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