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Redewing Labs

Established in 2018, Redewing Labs provides research and development services in aerial robotics and data analytics.

TratanSense (Nico Robotics)

Founded in 2015, TratanSense is a provider of an AI-based robot for agriculture. It is embedded with a camera to capture plants and uses computer vision to identify weeds.

General Aeronautics

Founded in 2016, General Aeronautics provides unmanned and manned aircraft design, testing, and deployment services.


Established in 2019, UrbanMatrix is an AI-driven software and hardware solution for controlling drones and provides AI-enabled micro drones for companies.


Founded in 2013, AUS (Aarav Unmanned Systems Private Limited) is a quad-rotor drone system provider for various purposes.


Established in 2006, Kinetix manufactures launch vehicles and launch control systems. Kinetix provides users with aerospace and defense equipment and systems.

UAVIO Labs Private Limited

Established in 2021, UAVIO Labs Private Limited manufactures drones with true autonomy vision-based IT and IoT ecosystem that enables the drone to be aware, navigate and communicate with other sensors.

Vyoma UAS

Established in 2007, Vyoma UAS is very popular for developing low-cost drones. It carries out cutting-edge research for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Asteria Aerospace Limited

Founded in 2011, Asteria Aerospace Limited is a drone solution company that enables customers to obtain actionable intelligence from aerial data using its hardware and software platforms.



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