Top Announcements from Google I/O 2023

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A significant change to Google Search is coming in the shape of something called AI snapshots, through Search Generative Experience feature.

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Search Generative Experience

At Google I/O 2023, Google declared that anyone can now use its AI-powered chatbot Bard, regardless of whether they were on the queue.

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Google Bard Public Access

Google will be delivering new Android features that are powered by AI, including Magic Compose to reply to texts using AI-generated suggestions for words.

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Magic Compose

Google also revealed Duet AI, a new moniker for the AI toolkit that it is introducing to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Gmail during the Google I/O 2023.

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Duet AI

New AI-powered editing tools are coming to Google Photos that will allow one to brighten the sky, reposition a person or item, and remove background subjects.

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Google Photos Magic Editor

Codey, a brand-new tool for code completion and generation, was also announced at Google I/O 2023.

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With the introduction of the Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and the reasonably priced Pixel 7A, Google's Pixel lineup took center stage.

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Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel 7A

According to the announcements, Google is preparing to release Wear OS 4 even though Wear OS 3 hasn't yet finished rolling out to all users.

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Wear OS 4

The revamped Google Home app will have a new Favorites page, an improved camera interface, and compatibility for a wide range of new device types.

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Google Home App



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