Take Your AI Everywhere With Humane’s AI Pin


Image source: Analytics Drift

Produced By: Boudhayan Ghosh

Humane announced it is launching its first intelligent wearable device, “Humane AI Pin,” on November 9.

Image source: Humane

The Humane AI Pin is engineered to integrate seamlessly with one’s unique style and clothing choices.

Image source: Humane

The AI Pin operates independently without requiring a connection to a smartphone or any other companion device.

Image source: Humane

The wearable device features AI-driven optical recognition and a laser-protected display, both powered by the advanced Snapdragon platform from Qualcomm technologies.

Image source: Wikipedia

Humane AI Pin also has a “trust light,” which lights up whenever the wearable device records data, showcasing Humane’s commitment for security and privacy.

Image source: Humane

Time magazine voted Humane AI Pin as one of the best inventions of 2023.

Image source: Time

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Designed by: Prathamesh