New AI DarkBERT Trained on Dark Web to Combat Cyber Crime

Image source: Analytics Drift

South Korean researchers have recently unveiled DarkBERT, a language model exclusively trained on dark web datasets. Developed by KAIST and S2W.

Image source: KAIST, S2W

Unlike popular chatbot models such as ChatGPT or Google Bard, DarkBERT utilizes the powerful BERT framework developed by Google to analyze and interpret dark web data.

Image source: Canva

Researchers have trained the AI model for nearly 16 days, dividing the data into two sets: raw and preprocessed.

Image source: Canva

DarkBERT helps in detection and monitoring of data leaks, ransomware sales, illegal drug trade, and more.

Image source: Canva

As of now DarkBERT is not accessible to the public, but scholars can request access to its dataset for academic research in cybersecurity.

Image source: Canva

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