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Devices in India

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What are language translator devices?

Language translator devices are electronic devices that translate one language into another in real-time.

Docooler Intelligent language translator

The docooler intelligent language translator makes 2-way translation with perfect speech recognition and clear pronunciation.

ANFIER language translator earbuds

The ANFIER language translator earbuds support 71 languages and 56 accents, which covers 90 % of the population in the world.

TimeKettle M3 language translator earbuds

TimeKettle M3 language translator earbuds are not only a language translator device but can also play music and make phone calls.

Pocketalk classical language translator device

The Pocketalk language translator device is a multi-language, two-way voice translator.

Waverly Lab’s Ambassador

It is a Bluetooth device that can connect with the user’s mobile or iPhone through the ambassador interpreter app.

Jarvisen language translator

The Jarvisen language translator is used in more than 200 countries and has an extensive accuracy of 95%.



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