Kerala Man Loses ₹40,000 to AI-based Deepfake Scam

Image source: Analytics Drift

A man from Kerala was defrauded with ₹40,000 in a newly reported incident of a scam using artificial intelligence-based deepfaking.

Image source: Canva

Radhakrishnan, the victim and a Kozhikode resident, reportedly received a video call from an unknown number.

Image source: Canva

When he answered the call, he recognised one of his former coworkers from Andhra Pradesh in the video caller's appearance. The caller even offered the names of a few of those they knew in an effort to win his trust.

Image source: Canva

The victim continued the video call since he believed it to be a legitimate call. A few minutes into the call, though, the caller asked the victim for ₹40,000 in order to provide immediate support for a relative who was hospitalized.

Image source: Canva

The victim agreed to assist since he wanted to aid his friend and sent the money online. A short while later, the same guy requested ₹35,000, nevertheless. The victim, however, developed suspicion this time.

Image source: Canva

He then got in touch with his old friend to double-check. He knew at that point that the call had been a scam and was not genuine. The fraud was then reported to the police by the victim.

Image source: Canva



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