IIT Bombay Announces Online Machine Learning Course on Bandit Algorithms


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An online machine learning course for students to learn about Bandit Algorithms has been announced by IIT Bombay. The course is being led by IIT Bombay teacher Manjesh K Hanawal.

Image source: IIT Bombay

Participants who wish to receive a certificate must pay Rs. 1,000 and pass an in-person examination at NPTEL centers.

Image source: Canva, NPTEL

Bandit algorithms that strike a good balance between exploration and exploitation in a variety of random environments will be taught to course enrollees.

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The course will be conducted from 24 July to 13 October 2023. The last date to enroll is 31 July 2023. Participants must have knowledge of the basics of probability theory and optimization.

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The course is most suitable for postgraduate students from streams such as computer science, electrical engineering, operations research, mathematics, and statistics.

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