Hugging Face Introduces Open-Source Chatbot HuggingChat

Image source: Analytics Drift

Hugging Face, an AI start-up, has unveiled HuggingChat, an open-sourced chatbot with 30 billion parameters.

Image source: Huggingchat

HuggingChat was created by the Large-scale Artificial Intelligence Open Network (LAION), a German nonprofit organization, as part of their Open Assistant initiative.

Image source: AI Toolx

The new chatbot, according to its creators, intends to be a "versatile, customizable, and efficient assistant accessible to all."

Image source: Canva

HuggingChat has the ability to create code, emails, and even rap. Based on OpenAssistant LLaMa 30B SFT 6, the current model was created.

Image source: Huggingchat



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