Data Science Vs. Data Analytics

What is Data Science?

Data science is a study that deals with big data to design and build various processes for data modeling, analysis, and prediction workflows. It uses machine learning algorithms to create, train, and build predictive models that help analyze data.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of exploring existing structured raw data with a specific goal in mind. It finds hidden patterns, new trends, and correlations to derive essential insights.

What is the Main Difference?

Data science focuses on understanding the purpose of the dataset and forming the questions the dataset can solve. In contrast, data analytics is a constituent of data science that uses the learning from processed data to answer questions and make decisions.

Data Science vs. Data Analytics: Fundamentals Objective

Data science mainly concerns cross-checking hypotheses, connecting the dots, and forming questions to uncover new patterns that might have gone unnoticed by others. However, data analytics involves answering questions to create profitable business decisions.

Data Science vs. Data Analytics: Tools Used

Handling zettabytes of raw data to discover valuable outcomes requires specific data science tools that have predefined workflows, functions, and algorithms. Ex. Statistical Analysis System, Apache Hadoop, and TensorFlow. For data analytics, you can use Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, Power BI, Apache Spark, etc.

Data Science vs. Data Analytics: Job Role

Data science has five main job roles: data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, business intelligence specialist, and data architecture. The job role of a data analyst involves exploratory data analysis, data cleaning, finding new patterns, and developing easy-to-understand visualizations.

What Career Should You Choose?

You can decide which course is more fitting depending on your interests and skills. If you want a more technical role, then data science is a good choice. While if you are a problem solver and fond of discovering new insights from data, choose data analysis.



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