Amazon Web Services Acquires Startup Fig

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A startup called Fig, which aims to give developers a better experience at the command line interface with tools like autocomplete and collaboration, has been acquired by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Brendan Falk, the chief executive of Fig, announced today that the firm and its employees would join Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon. The agreement's terms weren't made public.

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Users who utilize Fig's autocomplete feature receive recommendations for the next set of commands or flags, which significantly lessens the stress on operators and developers who must finish such low-level tasks.

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Falk said that the ultimate objective of Amazon is to include artificial intelligence into more of its developer-focused products, and that Fig will be a part of that.

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According to Falk, existing users will continue to be able to use Fig and will receive ongoing support. However, as the company is concentrating on integrating with AWS, no new users can register.

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