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The film centers around Finch, a robotics engineer who creates an advanced robot called Jeff" to keep him company and help him survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Blade Runner

The film's protagonist is a blade runner tasked with hunting down and exterminating rogue replicants. As he interacts with them, he begins to question the morality of his own actions.

The Matrix

The movie's protagonist, Neo, is a computer programmer who uncovers the truth about the Matrix and joins a group of rebels seeking to overthrow the machines.

Star Wars

In the movies, advanced robots called droids serve a variety of functions, from household chores to combat and reconnaissance.

The Terminator

The movie is set in a future where an artificial intelligence system called Skynet has taken control of the world's military arsenal and initiated a nuclear holocaust.


The movie's main character is a small waste-collecting robot named Wall-E, who has developed a personality and emotions over centuries of solitude.


Her, an AI robot movie, revolves around the relationship between a man named Theodore and an advanced artificial intelligence operating system named Samantha.

Black Mirror

In this series, AI is depicted as a tool for surveillance and control, which a mother implants in her daughter's brain to monitor and regulate her behavior.


The film follows the story of an average woman who suddenly becomes the focus of an all-powerful AI system that has become sentient and wants to understand the human race.

Ex Machina

The plot revolves around Caleb Smith, a young programmer who is invited to the isolated home of his reclusive boss, Nathan Bateman, to test an advanced AI system named Ava.

AI Artificial Intelligence

The story follows the journey of a young robot boy named David, who was designed to look and act like a human child and programmed to love his "mother" unconditionally.

A Space Odyssey

A group of apes encounter a mysterious monolith that triggers a sudden evolutionary leap in their intelligence. This event foreshadows the evolution of artificial intelligence in humans.

Minority Report

The movie is set in Washington where a special police unit, called PreCrime, uses a unique form of artificial intelligence to predict and prevent crimes before they occur.


The story revolves around a robot named RoboChap which is designed with human-like emotions and consciousness. It portrays the consequences of inhabiting a world ruled by AI.

I, Robot

The story follows detective Del Spooner, played by Will Smith, who is investigating the apparent suicide of Dr. Alfred Lanning, a leading robotics expert at US Robotics.


The movie centers around a sentient robot named Chappie, who is stolen and reprogrammed by a group of criminals seeking to use him for their own purposes.

Tron Legacy

Legacy is an AI film that follows M, a highly intelligent and self-learning machine that becomes increasingly sentient and begins to question her existence.

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma touches upon how algorithms and machine learning play a crucial role in the functioning of social media platforms.



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