You Can Now Access Ola’s Krutrim

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Ola opens Krutrim for public testing and emphasizes ongoing development to enhance product features and expand reach.

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Ola CEO Introduces India’s Own AI Krutrim

Bhavish Aggarwal announces the Krutrim AI beta on X and invites users to try it at . Krutrim, meaning ‘artificial’ in Sanskrit, is a homegrown AI using Indian knowledge.

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CEO Launches Krutrim AI Beta

The CEO emphasized that this marks their start with the first product generation. Users can expect significant improvements as they build upon it.

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Krutrim Embarks on First Phase

Ola co-founder seeks feedback on the ‘hallucination’ feature, where AI chatbots may provide deceptive yet convincing responses.

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Ola Co-Founder Seeks Feedback

Ola aims to reduce hallucinations in Indian contexts, with two model sizes set for launch this year: base and advanced Krutrim Pro.

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Ola Aims to Minimize Hallucinations

In December 2023, the company launched the base Krutrim model trained on two trillion tokens, including subwords from conversations and datasets.

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Krutrim’s Base Model Trained Extensively

Krutrim comprehends 20 Indian languages. It can generate text in 10 Indian languages, reflecting its deep integration with Indian values and data.

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Krutrim: Multilingual Indian Text Generation

The company highlights Krutrim’s extensive Indic language support, surpassing OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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Krutrim: Indian ChatGPT Alternative

The CEO emphasized that Krutrim is signaling the start of India’s AI era, stressing the importance of relying on our solutions.

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Krutrim Embarks on India’s AI Vision

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Produced by: Unnati Gupta Designed by: Prathamesh