Xerox partners with TCS to reinvent its IT infrastructure using GenAI

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Xerox, a US-based print technology firm, signed an agreement with Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) to transform its IT technology using GenAI and Cloud with TCS's assistance.

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Xerox collaborates with TCS to transform its IT technology

Under this deal, TCS intends to migrate Xerox’s data centers to the Azure public cloud and deploy a cloud-based ERP platform to enhance its business growth.

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TCS to drive cloud migration of Xerox’s legacy data

TCS will use its services, such as Ai.Cloud and other solutions related to enterprise and cognitive business operations, to develop an agile and cloud-first operating model for Xerox.

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Transformation based on GenAI

Tino Lancellotti, Xerox's Chief Information Officer, said that TCS is the right partner for reinventing its operational model according to the latest technological advancements.

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Xerox: TCS ideal partner for reinvention

Currently, Xerox serves in nearly 145 countries globally. Its transition to a cloud-first and digital service-based organization is part of its strategic reinvention plan.

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Xerox’s path to evolution

The US is TCS’s largest market, with 50,000 associates and 19 delivery centers. The current deal with Xerox will help TCS further strengthen its presence in the US.

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Deal to boost TCS’s presence in the US

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