US Teacher Charged With Using AI to Frame Principal With Racist Audio

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According to authorities, a high school athletic director in Maryland used AI to impersonate the principal and frame him for making racist and antisemitic comments.

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AI Fake Audio Plot

The accused, Dazhon Darien, faked the voice of the principal of Pikesville School as he refused to renew his contract.

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Principal Framed with Fake AI Voice After Contract Dispute

To take his revenge, he forged an audio clip using AI that sounded exactly like the principal depicted as frustrated with Black students and their test-taking abilities.

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Fake Clip Targets Principal with Racist Slurs

The recording also included the principal disparaging Jewish individuals and two teachers who should never have been hired.

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Targets Principal with Racist, Anti-Semitic

The audio clip quickly spread on social media, triggering hate-filled comments and inundation of phone calls to the high school’s front desk.

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Audio Floods Pikesville High with Calls and Fury

As a result, the principal was placed on leave, and school activities were temporarily disrupted.

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High School at Chaos

After a theft investigation against Darien, it was found that he was paying his roommate with school funds.

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Teacher's Scheme Unravels

Darien is now being held in the local jail on a $5,000 bond and faced charges that included school theft, disrupting school activities, stalking, and retailing against a witness.

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Teacher Held on Bond: Fake Audio, Theft, and Witness Tampering Charges

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