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This library is all about pranks. You can use it to send prank emails, play YouTube videos, search Google, and more with just a few lines of Python code.


A humorous library that generates "The Office" quotes and facts right in your command line.


This library will generate fake data for you. It's a great way to test your code or create test data for your applications.


This library allows you to generate and display programming-related jokes right in your Python code. It's a great way to add some humor to your scripts.


With this library, you can make an ASCII cow say whatever you want. It's a fun way to inject a little humor into your command-line applications.


Similar to pyjokes, pyfortune generates random fortune cookie messages in your Python code. It's a fun way to add a touch of wisdom to your programs.


While not explicitly a funny library, colorama lets you add colors to your terminal text. You can use this to make your command-line output visually engaging and fun.


A little easter egg in Python, you can run `import antigravity` in your Python interpreter to open the classic "xkcd: Python" comic.


If you ever wanted to draw pictures using Python code, the turtle graphics library can turn coding into art. It's a playful way to create colorful designs and patterns.

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